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AirKoi works by generating millions of positive and negative ions inside your HVAC unit. As airflow passes over our patented device and circulates through the fan, all types of particles are exposed to a high concentration of ions, cleaning the air. A lower level of ions (similar to levels founds in nature’s most pure air) are then distributed throughout your home, continuously minimizing contaminants at the source.

Ions occur naturally in the air we breathe, with a higher abundance found where the air is cleanest, such as the beach, around a waterfall, or on top of a mountain. These natural ions are less and less abundant in areas of higher pollution.

Ions are constantly generated by nature’s energy sources - lightning, sunlight, rain, wind, waterfalls, and from plants - cleansing the atmosphere  by  removing  particulates,  chemicals, and other pollutants. AirKoi artificially generates these same ions to help keep indoor air clean in the same way nature does.

Neutralizes odors and toxic chemicals: Chemical, pet, cooking and other odors made of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are oxidized into gases already prevalent in the air such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor or carbon dioxide, eliminating the odors.

Removes particulate matter: Particulate matter is comprised of pollutants, dust, smoke, allergens, mold, bacteria, and viruses. Ions reduces these airborne particles through agglomeration – ions cause airborne particles to clump together; causing the particles to be more easily captured by the air filtration system.

Neutralizes Pathogens: Ions neutralize pathogens by clustering around their surfaces and creating a reaction that extracts the hydrogen molecules from the pathogen’s cell wall – rendering pathogens incapable of replicating.