Don't Worry, Breathe Healthy

AirKoi is air purification simplified, allowing every homeowner to benefit from commercial-grade patented ionization technology to continuously breathe clean air.


Purify All Air, All the Time

AirKoi easily installs inside any residential HVAC system to constantly purify air throughout your home.


Breathe the Difference

Customers notice improvements in their home odor, seasonal and pet allergies, dust, and overall wellness. Leading third-party testing showed 99.9% reduction in mold spores within 45 minutes.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

AirKoi has a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and a 2-year warranty.


AirKoi is the smartest, most affordable solution to clean indoor air.

AirKoi is a low-maintenance, bi-polar, high-output ion generator designed specifically for treating air in residential applications. With the uniquely designed remote ionization brushes, AirKoi can be mounted to existing residential HVAC units between the filter and fan. As air flows past the AirKoi device, positive and negative ions treat the supply air - reducing pathogens, VOCs, odors, and particulate matter.

Ditch portable air purifiers.

Purify all air, all the time.

AirKoi utilizes a patented technology that is proven to reduce airborne particles.


Purify the air in your entire home for less than the cost of a single-room portable air purifier. No hidden costs. 


Easily mounts where air cycles to catch particles at the HVAC filter. No special filters needed. 


AirKoi is UL certified Ozone Free and does not produce harmful byproducts.

Third-Party Tested

AirKoi is proven effective with leading third-party testing. AirKoi eliminated 99.9% of mold spores within 45 minutes. Pathogens tested had similar results with >96% elimination.

24/7 Support

AirKoi is committed to providing customer service 24/7 and guarantees satisfaction.

How AirKoi works in your home

AirKoi works by generating millions of positive and negative ions inside your HVAC unit. As airflow passes over our patented device and circulates through the filter, all types of particles are exposed to a high concentration of ions, cleaning the air. A lower level of ions (similar to levels founds in nature’s most pure air) are then distributed throughout your home, continuously minimizing contaminants at the source.

AirKoi effectively reduces airborne particles, including pathogens, mold, dust and odor.

Independent testing on the patented technology used by AirKoi showed a significant reduction in airborne particles, including pathogens and mold.

AirKoi is a simple, affordable essential for every home to promote longevity.

Hanako was a Japanese Koi fish that is believed to be the longest living Koi fish ever recorded. She lived for 226 years before passing in 1977. At AirKoi we believe that our daily health habits are paramount to living a long, quality life.

  • Affordable solution for every home

    Low product and installation costs help create a total indoor air quality solution that is affordable and highly capable. AirKoi also upgrades the performance of HVAC filters. In fact, the ionization process removes particles from the air so effectively it can make a MERV 8 filter perform like a MERV 13 filter. MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, measures a filter’s ability to capture particles of various sizes and ranges from one to 20. MERV 13 filters can cost up to 75% more than MERV 8 filters. 

  • Low maintenance with no additional filters

    Unlike popular portable air purifiers, which require a specialized filter to be purchased and replaced on a regular basis, AirKoi does not require a separate, specialized filter; rather, it utilizes (and enhances) the filter in your home HVAC system. When changing your HVAC filter, simply clean the ionization brushes on the device with the supplied cleaning tool. Notice the visible difference in your filter and how it is dirtier than it was before you installed AirKoi. Congratulations! You just turned your expensive HVAC system into a whole-home air purification device for the cost of a portable air purifier.

  • Simple Installation

    Professional installation is suggested; however, AirKoi can be easily installed with little HVAC knowledge in under 10 minutes.

    Shut down the power to your HVAC system. Magnetically mount the device in between your HVAC system's fan and air filter, connect the two wires, turn your HVAC system back on and you’re done! Refer to our quick installation video or contact us during install if you need support.

Installation in under 10 minutes!

In the video below, Morgan demonstrates how to install AirKoi in 5 simple steps.

AirKoi is a commercial-grade, patented technology that clumps airborne particles for capture by the HVAC filter.

Indoor Air Pollutants

Seasonal allergens, pet dander, cooking emissions, chemicals (VOCs) in beauty products and cleaning supplies, viruses and mold spores are examples of particles polluting our indoor air.

Attract Pollutants

AirKoi uses commercial-grade patented technology that causes airborne particles to clump together, allowing them to be captured by the HVAC filter.

Commercial to Residential

The technology in AirKoi has been utilized for decades in industries where reducing airborne particles and disease transmission is paramount – hospitals, surgery rooms, and food manufacturers. AirKoi is revolutionary in providing this benefit for the residential consumer.


"Within a week of installing AirKoi I can already feel an instant improvement in my seasonal allergies!"

"This is so effective, I forgot we had cats! My family with pet allergies is enjoying the benefit of AirKoi!"

"Installing AirKoi has helped capture more dust in our HVAC filter."